Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nurses' Health Study - Go Join!

Hi all,

Happy Nurse's Week!
You may or may not have heard of the Nurses' Health Study, but it began in the 1970's and recruited a new cohort of nurses in 1989. These groups of female nurses answered questions about health, lifestyle, etc, and the data gathered has lead to numerous breakthroughs in our understanding of women's health and various conditions. You can read about the findings here.
They are now recruiting the next cohort of female nurses until they reach 100,000 participants. It's all online and the questionnaires are now branched so participants can skip to relevant sections. It seems like a great way to be a part of health research, and we all know how important research is in changing health policies and practices for the better. I encourage you all to join, and spread the word! (Sorry, John and Ryan, you're not eligible, but you can tell your coworkers!)
Join here:


P.S. - Do you all have as hard a time as I do actually believing that it was almost a year ago that we graduated?!?